Diamond State passes their second AIB audit with a rating of "Superior".
Below is the summary of the AIB audit findings.

A food safety audit was conducted at this public warehousing facility on April 27, 2009.

The writer was accompanied throughout the audit by Adrienne Ponzo, AIB administrative Coordinator; Mr. Kevin Gratz, Warehouse & Fullfillment Manager.

Excellent cooperation was received by the writer, and on some occasions, the items were immediately corrected.

At the conclusion of the audit, a meeting was held to discuss the observations, recommendations, and rating. An unofficial draft copy of the audit report was left at the facility at the conclusion of the meeting.

Based on the observations made, the information obtained, and the criteria set forth in the AIB Consolidated Standards for Food Distribution Centers, the overall food safety level of this facility was considered to be:
The certification is significant for both employees and customers. Successfully completing this rigorous independent inspection of our facilities and receiving validates our efforts to maintain the highest possible distribution center standards. It also gives our customers added assurance that they can have total confidence in the quality and safety of our warehouse.
To learn more about standards upheld by the AIB audit please visit their webiste at www.aibonline.org.

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